Karin Dean

Project leader, TLU team leader

Karin Dean is a senior researcher at Tallinn University’s School of Humanities. Her research interest revolves around borders—on how different actors construct, negotiate and cross physical, symbolic or virtual borders in their claiming of political space. Most of her research has focused on the political geographies of Myanmar’s borderlands and Kachin spatialities across China, Myanmar and India.

Her most recent research explores the local negotiation of large infrastructure developments at China’s borderlands with Myanmar and India, seeking to unpack the new emerging assemblages and practices of bordering. Karin obtained her PhD in political geography at the National University of Singapore. She has published in journals such as Political Geography, Eurasian Geography and Economics, Territory, Politics and Governance, City, Surveillance & Society, and serves at the editorial boards of the Journal of Borderlands Studies and European Journal of East Asian Studies.