Prince Tomar

Prince Tomar is a junior researcher at the Centre of Landscape and Culture, School of Humanities, Tallinn University. Trained in Literature and Global Studies, he is interested in South Asian border regions and their changing meanings amid the rapid infrastructural development projects.

His research, based on ethnography, focuses on the lived experiences of the people in borderlands. As a doctoral student at Tallinn University, he is studying road developments in the border region of Ladakh, India, for his thesis titled Limitless at the Limit: The Border Roads Organisation and the Quest for Increased Connectivity in Ladakh. He is also working on a paper on mobility challenges and how they define a border crossing at the Indo-Nepali border.

Through this research, he aims to bridge the gap between academic representation and literary representation of research. His current research projects involve fieldwork at the Indo-Nepal, Indo-China, and Indo-Pakistan borders.