Willem van Schendel

Willem van Schendel (University of Amsterdam & International Institute of Social History) works in the fields of history, anthropology, and sociology of Asia. His research interests include borderlands, more-than-human history, indigo, labour history, and photography. He has published widely about Bangladesh, India, and Myanmar.

Books related to border studies include Entangled Lives: Human-Animal-Plant Histories of the Eastern Himalayan Triangle (Cambridge University Press, 2022; with Joy L.K. Pachuau); Flows and Frictions in Trans-Himalayan Spaces: Histories of Networking and Border Crossing (Amsterdam University Press (2022, ed. with Gunnel Cederlöf); The Bengal Borderland: Beyond State and Nation in South Asia (Anthem Press, 2005); Illicit Flows and Criminal Things: States, Borders, and the Other Side of Globalization (Indiana University Press, 2005, ed. with Itty Abraham); and The Chittagong Hill Tracts: Living in a Borderland (White Lotus, 2000; with Wolfgang Mey and Aditya Kumar Dewan).

Willem also edits the book series ‘Asian Borderlands’ for Amsterdam University Press with Tina Harris.

Most of his publications can be downloaded from uva.academia.edu/WillemVanSchendel