Important: full day / for registered symposium participants only

8:00 Departure from Tallinn (on organized bus)

11:00—12:00 Introduction to Narva / Q & A / Narva’s ex-mayor Ms Katri Raik (at Town Hall) 

12:00—13:00 Walk along Narva River Promenade 

1 km long walk on the riverbank in the historical heart of Narva, in the immediate vicinity of the border between Estonia and Russia; seeing the international border checkpoint and footbridge

13:0014:30 River cruise on the Narva River on the motor ship Caroline / lunch on the ship 

We will cruise on a modern and comfortable, two-storey, spacious passenger boat from Narva to Narva-Jõesuu, with the views of the banks of the river and glance at Russia (1,5 hrs). Depends on the weather conditions of the day!

14:30 Drive back from Narva-Jõesuu to Narva by bus (30 min)

15:00—16:30 Symposium Panel 10: Creative Approaches to Border Studies, at Narva Art Residency (NART)

We will also examine NART as a unique space trying to reconcile the borders and politics through art. Coffee and pies by a local Votian lady will be served before departure.

16:30 Departure to Tallinn by bus. 

We will make a stop at a scenic site to see the “five-kroon view” of night-time Narva