Raise Me A Memory by Varun Trikha

Adrift in an unfamiliar dreamscape, a filmmaker finds the grandfather he never met.

The film screening is by invitation only, please contact Djahane Zaïr at djahane@tlu.ee if interested.


Screening information

Location: Tallinn University’s SuperNova Cinema (Narva mnt 27), Nova building, 4th floor

The director Varun Trikha will be there to introduce the film, and for a Q&A after the film led by Rahul Sharma, a filmmaker & cinema researcher, and Kersti Uibo, the associate producer of Raise Me A Memory.

18:30—21:00 Introduction to the film by Varun Trikha
Film screening + Discussion



Desolate pastoral villages that lie on a borderland. Their surviving residents speak about their dreams, and from these recollections emerge their own personal loss. Their dreams also overlap with those of the director, who has learned of his grandfather’s unknown past.


Film information

Estonian title: Läinud on Jäänud

English title: Raise me a memory

Director: Varun Trikha

Producer: Karin Reinberg

DOP: Varun Trikha, Heiko Sikka

Sound design & mix: Seppo Vanhatalo


Director’s statement

Making this film has been somewhat like building a boat to connect a past with a present. While memories lay a sturdy hull for such a boat, hope must grasp the wild winds of history firmly as its mainsail. Oars made of dreams must stir the mysterious waters of consciousness. This boat is to be sailed not only to connect two different points of time but also to stand in the midst of them, in the middle of these endless waters, to behold where we were, where we are, and where we are led.


Director’s bio

With an educational background in ethics (King’s College London) and creative documentary (SACAC, Delhi), Varun Trikha is a Delhi and Toronto based auteur filmmaker with a distinct poetic voice. In his documentary ‘The Seventh wish’ (currently playing on dafilms and Mubi), Varun attempted to reclaim a largely lost genre of Urdu poetry. His film ‘The Wall’ was a search for traces of pre-colonial Goan histories. Varun’s intuitive search for subterranean realities has come full circle with ‘Raise Me a Memory’ which was amongst 6 documentaries in the rough cut stage selected for a special presentation at EFM, Berlinale 2023. Currently, Varun is developing a creative documentary ‘Diary of a mother’, which was selected for the development lab ‘Doc_Commune’.