Lab member Md Azmeary Ferdoush, a researcher from the University of Eastern Finland recently published “Narrative: Enclave dwellers, (non)citizens, proxy citizens, Bangladeshis, and Indians”, a chapter in the volume in Handbook on Forced Migration.  It is available from the Edward Elgar Publishing website here:



Forced migration in the 21st century is closely linked to three global developments: climate change, rapid urbanization and the lack of solutions faced by millions of displaced people. The Handbook on Forced Migration brings a critical lens to the study of these issues. By adding the often overlooked disciplines of history and philosophy, this Handbook challenges narratives on forced migration, explains contemporary challenges, and provides a call for action.

Each section of the Handbook presents diverse perspectives and a range of case studies on the interaction between forced migration and climate change, urbanization and solutions. The Introduction challenges different forced migration narratives, and the Conclusion makes new arguments for standards in forced migration research. A final chapter explores potential problems for forced migrants around digital technology,

This fascinating Handbook will be an important read for human rights, humanitarian and development practitioners, and for urban studies and migration scholars and students. The research-centred approach will benefit academics and policymakers undertaking new investigations.